Why Withdrawal Failed/Delayed

Withdrawal Failed/Delayed

The following reasons account for most withdrawal failures and delay:

  • Withdrawal Address:

    Wrong withdrawal address from the one filled in

    Wrong address length

    Wrong format of the withdrawal address

    The user did not fill in a tag or a memo required

  • Account Status:

    The user's account is banned or restricted for trading

    The payment password is changed in less than 24 hours

  • Token and Chain:

    The withdrawal token is different from the token of the filled address

    The withdrawal token and the token of the withdrawal address used do not belong to the same chain

  • Token Status on Cwallet:

    The withdrawal token is under maintenance

  • Network Delay

    The network is running slowly or the connection is not successful

  • Withdraw Restrictions

    Repeat withdrawals within 15 seconds

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