A paid subscription group is an exclusive community created by an entrepreneur to pursue a variety of goals, such as marketing and teaching, or disseminating information.

To join the group, members must pay a regular or a lifetime fee.

As one of its key features, Cwallet has always highlighted the importance of Groups. Subscriber groups allow members to provide exclusive content to their community while earning an income by doing something they enjoy.

A subscription group on Cwallet allows users share premium content with group members – like tutorials, online courses, live sessions, videos, etc. This content is exclusive to a part of the wider community that is more invested and engaged with your business.

Note: Before establishing a Subscription, it is necessary to first enable @cctip_bot by inviting it to the Telegram group and setting it to be an admin.

How to Establish a SubscriptionHow to Join a Subscription GroupCheck Invitation Link of a Subscription Group

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