How to Join a DAO Group

How to Join a DAO Group

The following steps will guide you in joining:

1. It is essential for a user to have an invitation link of a DAO group in order to join that group.

Joining a Dao group requires meeting the requirements for verifying assets outlined by the group owner. It will need to verify your Cwallet balance or on-chain assets, such as tokens or NFTs.

During the verification process, your assets are not affected. It simply verifies whether you hold a certain number of tokens/NFTs.

2. Click on the invitation link you received to start a conversation with @cctip_bot. Click on Start.

3. Now you will be asked to complete an asset verification:

  • How to verify On-chain assets: You will need to connect your wallet to verify your asset. To begin the verification process, click on Bind Address.

Choose and connect a crypto wallet to verify. If necessary, you may change wallet. Note: Connecting your crypto wallet will not affect your assets, it is only useful for verifying whether you hold a particular cryptocurrency/NFT on the blockchain.

After connecting a crypto wallet, return to @cctip_bot. Click on Verify now.

Click on Join Group and you will successfully join the DAO group.

  • How to verify Cwallet balance: It is not necessary to connect your wallet, but please ensure your Cwallet account linked to your Telegram account has sufficient assets. To begin the verification process, click on Verify.

4. Click on Join Group and to join the DAO group.

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