How to Establish a Subscription

How to Establish a Subscription

To enable the subscription group, please follow the steps below

1. Invite @cctip_bot or your exclusive bot to your group

2. Promote the bot to group admin with all admin permissions except 'Remain Anonymous' and 'Add New Admins'.

3. Log in to Cwallet with your Telegram account and go to page Bots > Telegram Bot. Click the bot that you use in the group and click into the group from the list below to enter settings.

4. Click Subscription or DAO, select Subscription Group, start subscription group settings.

  • Add tier: Configure some options for subscription plans. You can set up multiple plans for such as 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, etc.

  • Free Trail: it is optional to select a free trail for a short time.

  • A Brief Description Of Your Group: During the process of joining via bot, your group introduction will be displayed there.

5. Click Publish to save the changes and get the invitation link of your subscription group.

You can embed Subscription to your site:

When you finished and published the Subscription, find this subscription code in the dashboard or group list, and then customize the settings.

You can choose and customise the different types and settings and embed it on your website:

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