Why Failed to Send Tip/Airdrop

Why Failed to Send Tip/Airdrop

There are several common mistakes:

Invalid command

  • Wrong tip/airdrop command input.

  • Insufficient token balance.

  • Tokens in the airdrop not supported on CWallet.

  • Amount of airdropped token is less than 0.

  • The number of participants in the airdrop >99999.

Restrictions on group settings

  • According to the group settings, your tip/airdrop amount did not meet the minimum requirement (the amount for each).

  • According to the group settings, the token is restricted for airdrop (not available).

  • According to the group settings, only admins can send tip/airdrop.

You should contact the group administrator or the group owner if you wish to modify group settings.

Don't be concerned if you find that you have failed to tip someone with CORRECT command &information. There may be several reasons behind:

1. The tip recipient is anonymous in the group. Remain anonymous is one of the admin permissions. Simply switching it off in order to be available for tips.

2. The tip recipient has not yet spoken in the group after inviting @cctip_bot into the group. You needs to say something in the group first. Similarly, replying to the conversation before inviting the bot won't work.

3. You may receive a prompt that displays: Request failed due to your Cwallet account has been banned, or you have changed the payment password within 24 hours.

In this case, please contact customer support, or wait for your payment password to be changed for 24 hours before attempting to tip.

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