Why is my balance different from the blockchain

Why is my balance different from the blockchain

If you have checked your BTC address on the Block Explorer and noticed that the balance displayed is different from your Cwallet BTC balance, there's no need to worry. Allow us to explain why the block explorer may show a different balance compared to the Cwallet balance.

Why is my Bitcoin balance different from the blockchain?

As most of us are aware, any transaction made using cryptocurrency will leave behind a trail of information on the blockchain, revealing changes to encrypted address assets. However, this information only applies to decentralized wallets when it comes to checking transaction history and balances. In the case of Cwallet, a centralized wallet, encrypted addresses are only granted usage rights and no ownership. The account ID of Cwallet is the sole point of reference for asset queries, and it is both unique and precise.

How to check my Cwallet balance

  1. Log in to Cwallet with your account;

  2. View the balance details on the home page;

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