How to Become P2P Merchant

Welcome to becoming a merchant on our P2P (peer-to-peer) digital asset trading platform! Below is a detailed guide to the merchant onboarding process.

3 steps to become P2P merchant here. Follow below:

  1. Locate entrance

  2. Complete verification

  3. Fill out merchant information

Step 1. Locate the Merchant Verification Setting:

Settings> Verification> Merchant Verification.

Step 2. Merchant verification consists of three parts. Please complete each requirement one by one.

1: Enhance the account security level, until the points meet 80 points:

2: Submit the KYC application, you can select Personal/ Company Verification.

3: Locked amount supply completed.

Cwallet requested 500 USDT as the locked amount to enhance transfer security. You can still redeem the locked assets anytime to meet your needs.

Step 3. After lock assets success, please fill in the merchant information to start your P2P trading journey:

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