How to Create Exclusive Bot on Telegram

Create a Telegram bot that represents your personality or brand in serving your group/channel.

Here are the main steps for creating a bot:

1. Get your bot API token on @BotFather chat page.

2. Turn off Privacy mode on @BotFather chat page.

3. Use your API token on @cctip_bot chat page to obtain the bot.

👉 View how to create an exclusive bot n Telegram in this video tutorial:

To get your bot API token

1. On Telegram, you may view the bot creation process by sending a direct message to @cctip_bot.

First log in to your Telegram account, direct message to @cctip_bot, and refresh the page by entering the command /start.

2. Click on the button Exclusive Bot at the bottom.

3. There will be a list of all your exclusive bots you have created. To create a new bot, click Create Exclusive bot.

You will see a guide on how to obtain the bot token. Let's move on to the next steps as outlined in the following guide!

Now let's begin!

4. Direct message to the Telegram account @botfather, send the command /newbot to start.

5. Give your bot a nickname and send it.

According to the bot's reply, give the bot with a username and send it.

We are recommend to name it according to your brand, project, or your personal preference.

6. You will immediately receive your bot API token from @Botather as shown below. Please copy and save it.

To Turn off Privacy mode

7. Now what you need to do is to turn off the Privacy mode. The following is the guide for it.

First, please direct message a new command to @BotFather: /mybots. From your bot list, select the bot you just created: @emma_new_bot and select Bot Settings as instructed by the response.

8. Next, select Group Privacy.

9. You need to turn off the privacy mode to run your bot, click Turn off. Then click Back to Settings.

10. Great, you've completed all steps from @botfather! Now please find your bot API token you got in the step 6 in further steps for creating bot in @cctip_bot chat page.

--------------------------------------------- Tips ---------------------------------------------

You may follow the steps below to obtain your bot API token again.

Click API Token to get the bot api token.

Here is your bot api token.


To create Telegram bot using your bot API token

11. Return to the chat page with @cctip_bot, click the button I have got the API token.

12. Send the bot API token. Congratulations! you have successfully created your exclusive bot! Now you can invite your bot to communities and enjoy Cwallet bot services

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