How to Join a Subscription Group

A subscription group on Cwallet lets users share premium content with group members – like tutorials, online courses, live sessions, videos, etc.

This content is exclusive to a part of the wider community that is more invested and engaged with your business.

The following steps will guide you in joining:

1. It is essential for a user to have an invitation link of a subscription group in order to join that group.

Upon receiving the group link, joining a subscription group requires completing payment of subscription fees.

2. Click on the invitation link you received to start a conversation with bot. Click on Start.

3. Select a subscription plan and click the Tiers button.

4. In order to pay for the subscription fee, you need to choose a token for the payment method.

Note: If you select Cwallet, you will pay via Cwallet internal transfer without fees.

5. Scan this QR code with your wallet or input this deposit address to make a payment

6. Once the payment has been completed, you will successfully subscribe to and enter the group by clicking Join Group.

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