How to Switch Cwallet Account

Cwallet enables users to switch accounts without logging out, allowing them to manage multiple accounts more efficiently.

How to switch Cwallet account

1. Switching accounts is simple and quick.

  • On app: Navigate to the Profile page, click Switch Wallet in the top right-hand corner.

  • On Website: Navigate to the Settings page, click Switch Wallet.

2. Typically, when you access the My Wallet page, you will simply need to select the account you wish to switch. ---> When you have not yet added any switchable accounts, you will need to click + Add Wallet to add future switchable account options.

3. After clicking + Add Wallet, you will need to first log in to switch to your another account.

Good job! After logging in, you will stay at that account page and you will find it has already been added in the switching list on My Wallet page.

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