Group Announcement

You can set up one-time announcements or recurring announcements for your group using the Cwallet bot, which is convenient and adaptable!

1. Go to the Bots page. Click the bot that has been used in your group, and a list of all the groups that have enabled the bot will appear below.

Click into your group.

Go to Message Management, select Announcement

How to set up one-time announcement

To create a one-time announcement in your group, enter the announcement title and content, add a banner, attach a button and you can choose to pin this announcement in your group.

How to set up recurring announcement

1. Click +Add button to add a recurring announcement

2. Enter the announcement title and content, add a banner and a button.

You are able to pin the announcement in your group and choose to delete the last announcement to avoid too many same announcement published.

Specify the frequency of announcements and the start time and end time.

Click Publish to start sending the announcement in group.

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