How to Participate a Giveaway

The following is a entire process from registering and receiving Giveaway reward

How to participate in a giveaway

Step 1: Log in to before you participate in a giveaway. Click the icon in the right top corner of the page to log in with your email address.

Step 2: Complete all tasks. When you complete all tasks, you will automatically successfully participate.

Once you complete tasks, click Verify Task to verify if your task is done. Upon successful completion, it will appear ✅ as follows:

Tips: Don't forget to leave your email to get notification if you win the reward.

How to discover and find giveaways

Step 1: Sign up and log in to with your email. Enter the verification code and click Sign In.

Discover giveaways on website

We will select and showcase curated giveaways for you.

You can also filter the giveaways you want to participate in according to different types

Discover giveaways from sponsors

You are able to filter the giveaways from different sponsors. Locate Giveaway Sponsors.

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