Referral Giveaway

Utilizing the recommendation feature to make unique fission giveaway.

Utilizing the recommendation feature to make unique fission giveaway. Additionally, we can incentivize users to share giveaway on social media to expand its outreach. This approach can help you gain more visibility and increase social sharing quickly.

Why Select Referral Mode

Consider implementing a reward-based invitation system to increase the reach of your social media giveaways. Participants will be incentivized to invite others, thereby increasing their chances of receiving more rewards.

On the Giveaway page where participants can view the enticing rewards and rankings offered. As new participants are successfully invited, rewards can be accumulated without limit until all rewards are distributed.

How to Select the Referral Mode:

After logging in to Giveaway and locating the Home page. Click the "Create Giveaway", then:

Under this Mode, you can:

  • Cover all social platform tasks:

    Provide task settings for all social media platforms to meet your marketing requirements. Like Telegram, Discord, Twitter...

  • Support these Draw Methods:

    • Time Draw: The winners will be drawn automatically at the end time.

    • Goal-Triggered Draw: Winners will be drawn immediately once the goal is achieved or the default end time is met.

  • Choose any token/ coin as the Reward: Support more than 900 tokens/coins for selected.

Please follow this tutorial for details on creating Referral Mode giveaway. You can combine any tasks and rewards at will to meet your marketing needs:

Create Giveaway

Only support the Token/ Coin as reward on the Referral mode.

Where is the reward after the referral giveaway ends

As a sponsor: To activate the referral giveaway, it is necessary to pay the token/ coin as a reward first. This allows for accurate rewards calculation and ensures that winners can claim their rewards.

If there are any token rewards left after this giveaway ends, the token will be refunded to your Cwallet account, log in to Cwallet with the email to check the refund.

As a winner: The token rewards will be entered into your Cwallet account after this giveaway ends. Simply log in to Cwallet with the email you participate giveaway to check token rewards.

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