Competition Giveaway

The competition mode is highly motivating and fosters social interaction.

What is Competition Giveaway:

The competition mode is highly motivating and fosters social interaction. By ranking the number of invitees, participants are encouraged to invite more people to earn better rewards. The competition intensifies as participants strive to earn higher rankings and rewards until the giveaway concludes.

How to Select Competition Mode:

After logging in to Giveaway and locating the Home page. Click the "Create Giveaway", then:

Under this Mode, you can:

  • Cover all social platform tasks: Provide task settings for all social media platforms to meet your marketing requirements. Like Telegram, Discord, Twitter...

  • Support these Draw Methods: 1. Time Draw: The winners will be drawn automatically at the end time. 2. Goal-Triggered Draw: Winners will be drawn immediately once the goal is achieved or the default end time is met.

  • Support all types of rewards.

    If you're looking to incentivize your audience, there are a variety of rewards you can offer that might do the trick

How to Set the Competition Rewards

To entice more participants, consider offering a variety of rewards with differing values. Higher rankings should correspond with more valuable rewards, which can encourage participants to invite others to join giveaway:

You can customize different rewards and the minimum number of invitees in any combination to meet your needs;

Step 1: select the rewards type;

Step 2: Set the rewards name, winner count, and the minimum number of invitees(optional),etc.

Setp 3: According different types rewards, you have to fill out the information required

You can choose many rewards, 1st rewards, 2nd rewards, 3rd rewards..., and the winner can get the corresponding reward when the conditions are met.

Winner Conditions:

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