Offline Event Luckydraw

Stimulate offline activity environment. 100% customized with all the rewards you want, 100% fair draw.

To sponsor: How to Create an Offline Event

  1. Login to and locate the <Create Giveaway>

  2. Into the Giveaway Dashboard. Click <Toolkit>,Choose the <Offline Event Luckdraw>

  3. Full the Event info, like title, description, banner, and custom record.

  4. Create Success, into the exclusive link and draw the winner of the event.

To sponsor: How to draw

  1. Into the sponsor draw dashboard through the event link, you can see all of the particepant and rewards.

  2. First, adjust the winner amount and reward amount each round. Then tap the <Draw Winnners> button.

  3. The event will end until all rewards are drawn.

To participants: How to join offline event

Scan the offline event QR code or click the exclusive event link instantly.

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