Giveaway Verification(KYC)

With fairness and impartiality in mind, provides powerful marketing tools.

What is Giveaway Verification

As a provider of giveaway marketing tools, we uphold a responsible and fair attitude towards participants and sponsors, Striving to provide complete marketing services. Giveaway verification is used to verify the sponsor's qualifications or the project's authenticity. And focus on verifying the qualifications of each Sponsor or Project will support the honest sponsor and crack down on fraudulent behaviours.

Why should we verify Info/ What’s the advantage of completing verification

With fairness and impartiality in mind, provides powerful marketing tools. We will maintain a rigorous working attitude to verify the qualifications of each Project and will provide more support and exposure after Verification.

Premium Support for KYC:

a. Each account has 30 chances to create giveaway, which you can assign to different projects. (10 times/ project)

b. Ahead ranking of the Giveaway Listing.

c. Ahead ranking of the Sponsor Listing.

d. The brand of the Project/ Sponsor will display first.

e. Extra traffic exposure on social platforms.

f. Giveaway officially recognized icon.

g. Email marketing promotion.

How to Verify

Navigate to the KYC page:

The process of submitting the verification application is easy and quick, with only 3 steps:

  1. Select the Project Categories. You can choose different labels to fit your project. Up to 3 different labels can be selected for your project.

  1. Fill in the info. Basic information and project information must be filled in as required. Complete information will facilitate and speed up the identification process.

  1. Complete the Media Info. Please fill out or link to the media platform as required. Full info will be better for the verification process; leave more info as possible.

Depending on the label, there are different information requirements.

Please kindly wait for the KYC verification after you submit the KYC verification. The auditor will check and process it as soon as possible.

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