On-chain Address
You can join the DAO Group after binding the address on the chain.

How to bind the address on the chain?

Take the example of binding an ETH address through MetaMask. You need to install the MetaMask plugin in Chrome first, and import/create your wallet.
Find the "On-chain Address" in my.cctip.io, select the chain to be bound, click "Bind", select a wallet, and complete the signature.

How to modify the address on the chain?

If you have bound an address on the chain and need to modify the bound address, you need to switch the account address in the plugin now. Take MetaMask as an example.
Find the MetaMask plug-in, click "Account" in the upper right corner to switch to the address account to be modified. Then click "Change" in my.cctip.io, select MetaMask, and sign. Done!