CCTip Ask
CCTip Ask is a Q&A application developed by CCTip based on Twitter. You can pay others digital currencies before asking them questions, and the person being asked will gain profit after answering the questions. If you are interested in questions asked by others, with only a small amount of digital currency you can see the answer. Through CCTip Ask, everyone has access to knowledge and benefits.

How to ask a question?

Just tweet with "your question + question command".
Question command:
@cctip question TokenAmount TokenSymbol @Person_questioned
For example, pay 1 ETH to ask @Lucy "Do you think there is anything to be improved in CCTip?" Tweet as below:
Do you think there is anything to be improved in CCTip? @cctip_io question 1 ETH @Lucy
Note: 1. The question needs to be in front of the question command. 2. Please make sure that you have sufficient balance before asking questions; otherwise the question will not be valid. 3. The reward shall not be less than 10,000 times the minimum accuracy of the token. For example, questions with USDT as rewards should be worth not less than 0.01 USDT.
After you ask the question, CCTip will retweet your tweet, generate a link to the question, and notify @Lucy of answering it. @Lucy needs to answer the question within 72 hours; otherwise the question will be expired and the cryptocurrency will be returned to the questioner's account.

How to answer a question?

After receiving the Twitter notification, @Lucy can open the tweet that CCTip replied to, click the question link, and answer the question. Then @Lucy will be rewarded.

How to see the answer to others' questions?

What if I'm curious about a question yet without having enough balance to ask? Don't worry. You can choose to see this question by paying only 0.01% of the question value!
Just click the question link and pay a small amount, and you can see the answer!

How to gain more profits?

  1. 1.
    Answer questions people ask you
  2. 2.
    Share the questions you answer to more people
  3. 3.
    Share the questions asked by others to more people

Rules of reward calculation are as follows:

1. Answer questions

For each question you’ve answered, you will get 80% of its answering reward.

2. Share answers for more views

For each view of your shared answer, you will get 10% of its viewing reward.

3. Viewing reward of your asked questions

For each view of your asked question, you will get 40% of its viewing reward.

4. Viewing reward of your answered questions

For each view of your answered question, you will get 40% of its viewing reward.


What tokens can I use to ask questions?

For the moment only the following tokens can be used for asking questions:
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