If you want to tip quality tweets to encourage the authors to share more valuable information, use the tipping command.
It only takes 2 steps to tip on Twitter:
1. Deposit Deposit enough coins in your account.
2. Tip Enter the tipping command in the tweet.

Method 1: Quickly tip in My CCTip

Enter "Create Twitter Tips" in My CCTip, and log in to your Twitter account. Select "Tip", and then the token below. Enter amount of tip and Tippee TwitterID (separated by space if many). Then you will see the rules of the command at the bottom of the page.
Click the hyperlink of the tippee to enter his or her homepage. After verifying the tippee’s TwitterID and confirming everything is correct, click "Tweet". The page will be automatically redirected to Twitter. Enter any other content you want to tweet, and then post it.‌

Method 2: Tip when tweeting, retweeting, or replying on Twitter

1. Tip a tweet author

Take "@cctip_io 0.01 ETH" as an example. Reply to others' tweets and comments, with the command in the reply, and you will automatically tip the respondent.
The tipping follows the rule as below: Tip the tweet author 0.01 ETH.
Command format:
@cctip_io TokenAmount TokenSymbol

2.Tip one or more persons

Take "@cctip_io 0.01 ETH @Lucy @Peter" as an example. Tweet, retweet or reply to tweets with the command in the content, and you can tip Peter and Lucy. The tipping follows the rule as below: Tip Lucy and Peter 0.01 ETH each.
Command format:
@cctip_io TokenAmount TokenSymbol @user1 @user2 @userN
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