Why is my Cwallet account linked with another social media

There is a possibility of encountering the following situation

Sometimes when you link with a social media account, you are prompted that it has already linked to another account as shown below.

I haven't linked it but why is this happening?

As soon as you receive rewards through Cwallet on a platform, you will automatically be enrolled in a Cwallet account associated with the platform. That is, Cwallet automatically establishes an account for you to store your rewards

How should I do when the platform has already linked with another account

If you would like to change the association, do not worry about it, what you need to do is log in to that account and unlink it first.
1. Log in to the Cwallet account links with this 3rd-party platform.
  • How to log in: Select “Continue with…” on the login page. For instance, log in by "Continue with Telegram" to log in with your Telegram account that has been linked with another account.
2. After successfully logging in, navigate to the Profile page and click on the platform icon in the upper left corner.
Under the My Social Platform header, select and click a platform to unlink the account.
After unlinking, You will no longer be able to log into your existing Cwallet account through this platform. By re-logging into this platform, a new Cwallet account will be created.
✅ Now you can switch Cwallet account and link this platform account!