How to Unlink Social Platforms

When you no longer require Cwallet bot for a specific platform account, you can unlink it from the current Cwallet account.
1. Click on the platform icons in the left-hand corner of the page Profile.
2. On this page you can view all the platforms we support and the platform to which you are linking. Select and click the platform from which you wish to remove the association.
3. You will be required to enter your login password in order to delink it. After that, the platform will no longer be linked with this Cwallet account after you have successfully unlinked it.
Note: Please read the prompt carefully.
  • After unlinking it, the group/server/channel settings established by Cwallet bot on this platform will be invalid. The group list created by this platform account will also be deleted.
  • Do not worry, your assets will remain in the current Cwallet account and you will not lose the funds by unlinking.