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Here comes your CCTip on #reddit! 🤖

With all (over 100) token projects supported, enjoy tipping and getting tipped on #reddit. ❤️ Check it out
And transferring funds among Twitter, TG and reddit is totally FREE and FAST. 🎉


【1. Newcomer rewards 】 Inviter rewards: 0.00006 USDT 💰 Invitee rewards: 0.00008 USDT 💰
【2. Winner Prize 】 Every round of game have 8 participants and 🏆 1 winner gets 95% of all prize.
【3. Betting Group Rewards】 Creating betting group and inviting your friends to bet together by BBWin, you will get 2.5% tokens 💰 for each round of the game.

Newcomer Reward

Dear user,
CCTip launched a new feature. This feature is designed for group admins to encourage members to invite new members to the group. By setting a reward for the newcomer and the inviter, when the newcomer joins the group, both the inviter and the invitee will immediately get the reward automatically.
Once the newcomer reward was set, other groups can also have the same settings by entering the unique code of the newcomer reward. The same user is invited into different groups under the same code, will only be rewarded once.
Note: The newcomer reward settings only work on Telegram and WeChat platforms. For more details:
CCTip Guide
newcomer rewards

Lucky Draw available on CCTip

Dear user,
From now on, you can start a lucky draw through CCTip on Twitter, nice and easy! The entire process is completed by CCTip automatically, without the need to manually pick winners or PM them to send the rewards.
To start a lucky draw, all you need to do is to add the CCTip Lucky Draw commands to the tweet. At the end of the draw, you just need to PM @cctip_io with "pick tweetID" to pick winners.
You can also enter the tweetID at to check the results at any time.
Note: The CCTip Lucky Draw is only available on Twitter.
CCTip Guide
Lucy draw on Twitter

CCTip Referral Program

Invite @cctip_bot to Telegram groups NOW to get referral rewards! ❤️
To enter:
1. Add @cctip_bot to a Telegram group (Not a channel, get approval from admin)
2. Make an airdrop to guide others how to use CCTip in groups
3. Enjoy receiving the rewards from all airdrops the quantity of which is at least 10 automatically in 7 days.
The more groups you invite @cctip_bot to join, the more rewards you will earn! 🥳
BTW. When @cctip_bot be repeatedly invited into the same group, the reward will only be given to the first person who invited it to the group.
CCTip Guide
Referral Program

How to get your Tweet retweeted by CCTip?

CCTip have a new twitter policy which is CCTip will help to retweet those airdrop events which airdrop amount more than $2 automatically.
Dear user,
When you use CCTip to launch an airdrop on Twitter, if the amount of the airdrop event exceeds $2, CCTip will retweet your tweet automatically. ❤️
CCTip currently has 13K followers, which means your tweets will easily get in front of 13K crypto enthusiasts.

Fund Transfer

Hey. Now you can transfer your CCTip balance among Twitter, Telegram and WeChat for FREE! ❤️ Just take a few steps, you can enjoy transfer funds in different platforms. And check here to learn how to make this magic happen.
Fund Transfer

Login to with Telegram

Check it out. You can login to with Telegram to check balance, deposit, withdraw, and check records....😄
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Cryptocurrency Tips
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